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About Me

I’m Amy, the owner and founder of The Bereavement Box. I have two girls aged 7 & 10 and 2 crazy spaniels! I live and work in Loughborough, Leicestershire where I also completed my degree in Visual Communication: Illustration back in 2008. I have been working as a Freelance Graphic Designer since 2012 and still do – alongside running The Bereavement Box of course!

An image of Amy, the founder and owner of The Bereavement Box, holding the original box with contents on display. She is wearing a white and blue striped shirt, shoulder length brown hair, smiling and looking at the camera.

About The Bereavement Box

I decided a few years ago that I would like to create my own products, I started an online shop called Give Me Strength, selling on Etsy. I created pin badges, keyrings, prints and cards with the intention of creating thoughtful products that empower the recipient, giving money to relevant charities from each sale. By creating a range of products I could see a clear best seller and the one that was received the best – my bereavement based ‘Always With You’ items. I also found that I loved designing products that meant so much to people and were often sent as gifts. The community feel on social media, getting to know people and hearing their stories were also a great motivator. I became increasingly interested in bereavement and grief in general, listening, reading and learning.

Then, in 2020 I lost my Uncle, I wanted to buy my Mum a thoughtful gift, with meaningful items, not just an everyday gift box. I couldn’t find anything suitable and ended up buying her some flowers, which I didn’t want to do. So I set to work on creating a gift box that I would want to give, designed to be bought as a gift for a bereaved loved one, and The Bereavement Box was born. I aim to include luxury handpicked items from independent and small businesses alongside my own designed items. Each box includes a handwritten message, making the recipient really feel the love sent by their friend or family member.

The Bereavement Box only creates bereavement related gifts boxes. I believe by concentrating solely within the bereavement space we can really make these boxes special and helpful for the recipient. We are able to delve into the varying areas of bereavement that different people can suffer and offer a very considered and touching selection of items. As far as I am aware we are currently the only company in the UK who solely create gift boxes for someone who has recently lost, or is remembering, a loved one.

Our range will be growing, including gifts for bereaved children, parents who have lost a baby and the loss of a pet. So please do follow us on Instagram or Facebook, join our mailing list and stay in touch!