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This post is similar to my previous, Making Mother’s Day easier for someone who has lost their Mum, but there’s a stark difference with this one. In the simplest and most general terms, we expect our parents to pass before us (not lightly overlooking those who are sadly taken from us too early in life). What we don’t expect or plan for is to suffer the loss of a baby, and it’s not something that will ever be overcome. Mother’s Day, and the run up, for someone who has suffered baby loss or a miscarriage can be extremely hard. It doesn’t need to have been a recent bereavement, the loss of a child will always cut deep, it’s something you carry with you always. Below are 5 ideas to comfort a bereaved Mother, not only only Mother’s Day, but all year round.

If you are close to someone who has lost a baby or suffered a miscarriage then hopefully the ideas below will be helpful.

5 thoughtful ideas to comfort a bereaved Mother on Mother’s Day

What can you do to make Mother’s Day a little easier for a grieving Mother?

  • Recognition – Let them know that you realise it must be a really difficult time for them. Even if it isn’t a recent loss, they will appreciate knowing that you remember their baby and the fact they are a Mother.
  • Say their name – Everyone is proud of their children, including bereaved parents who may have only briefly met their angel. Mums (and Dads) will be really touched that you are talking about their baby, saying their name, remembering how perfect they looked.
  • Remember – Light a candle, write their child’s name in sand or leaves, anything to show you are thinking of their baby. Send them a photo and let them know they are in your thoughts. It will mean so much.
  • Send a card – Sometimes you may find it hard to express how you feel in person, so write it down instead. This may also be more appropriate if the parents aren’t quite ready to talk but you would like to show your support and understanding.
  • Personal gift – This could be a gift to help comfort Mum at this difficult time or perhaps something sentimental she can treasure.
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For recent bereavements it’s important to realise that the parents are really struggling, their lives have changed forever and their hearts are in such unbearable pain. They may not want to meet, or chat, but don’t stop trying, one day they will.

These are just a few ideas to help a bereaved Mother feel less alone on, and in the run up to, Mother’s Day. If you would like more information, advice or help on babyloss and still birth please take a look at the below charities:

SANDS – Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society 

Tommy’s – Together for Every Baby.