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The Bereavement Blog

Welcome to our Bereavement Blog! A bereavement and grief focused resource aimed at those who would like to help and understand what their bereaved loved ones may be experiencing. In turn we hope you will feel a little more confident and comfortable providing them with support and comfort. Posts will include related links to charities and organisations who are available to professionally help with each particular topic. Don’t forget we also have Instagram and Facebook pages if you would like to join our community.

What is a Bereavement Memory Box?

A bereavement memory box is the name of a box that contains keepsakes to remember someone who has sadly passed. These can be made from wood, strong card or could be an item the deceased owned themselves which you repurpose. Filling the memory box and looking through it in the future are both therapeutic activities which can help [...]

23 March 2021|0 Comments

Comforting a Bereaved Mother on Mother’s Day

This post is similar to my previous, Making Mother's Day easier for someone who has lost their Mum, but there's a stark difference with this one. In the simplest and most general terms, we expect our parents to pass before us (not lightly overlooking those who are sadly taken from us too early in life). What we don't [...]

6 March 2021|0 Comments

Making Mother’s Day easier for someone who has lost their Mum

There are certain times throughout the year that can be difficult for people who have suffered a loss. These can be national holidays or important dates such as birthdays, Mother’s Day is one of these days. In the run up, which can be for a good month before, the media is awash with advertisements reminding you of the [...]

24 February 2021|1 Comment

What is a Bereavement Gift?

A bereavement gift, or sympathy gift as they are also known, is a gift that you send or give to someone who has recently lost a loved one. To provide a sense of comfort and let the bereaved know they are in your thoughts. They can also be sent to acknowledge important anniversaries such as birthdays, Mother’s/Father’s days, anniversaries [...]

18 February 2021|0 Comments

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