Dusky pink gift wrap folded with white sticker with pink feather shape outlineA bereavement gift, or sympathy gift as they are also known, is a gift that you send or give to someone who has recently lost a loved one. To provide a sense of comfort and let the bereaved know they are in your thoughts. They can also be sent to acknowledge important anniversaries such as birthdays, Mother’s/Father’s days, anniversaries of death etc. These are always going to be difficult times for the bereaved so it’s a nice way for friends and family to show their support.

In addition to ‘normal’ circumstances  that could warrant a bereavement box, we are still in the midst of a pandemic. Anyone who has suffered a loss hasn’t been able to receive the same support from family and friends as usual, it’s just not feasible with the restrictions in place. No big hugs, no going for a coffee and chat, no just ‘getting out’, not even going to the office. It makes it even more important to find new ways to express to those who have lost a loved one that they are in your thoughts, and you are there, even if you physically can’t be.

There are many gift companies who will offer some kind of bereavement, thinking of you, or comfort gift. These will be offered alongside many other types of gift package. The Bereavement Box however is a website dedicated to only selling bereavement gifts. We pride ourselves on not just putting generic items in our gift boxes, but thoughtful and sensitive items which help the recipient grieve. Physical ways to remember the one they’ve lost, to help them feel close, to comfort.

When your friend or family member receives a bereavement box they will feel truly loved. Beautifully packaged, with a handwritten message from you, they will know they are in your thoughts, a smile brought to their face and quite possibly some happy tears rolling down their cheek.

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